Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) March 21, 2014

gI_58808_medical-marijuana-facilitiesBC Comfort Air Conditioning Limited, a Vancouver-based company specializing in commercial and industrial HVAC as well as design build, provides mechanical design solutions for the construction ofmedical marijuana facilities in Vancouver which meet the new guidelines laid out by Health Canada.

The delivery mechanism of medical marijuana is changing dramatically in Canada. All personal-use production and designated-person production will end on March 31, 2014. Starting April 1st, 2014, all medical marijuana must be grown by Health Canada Licensed Producers (LP). Because of the strict quality standards from Health Canada, it is generally large commercial entities applying to be LPs, as opposed to smaller, home-based outfits that previously grew medical marijuana.

BC Comfort is currently working on several proposals for the design and build of medical marijuana facilities in Vancouver for Licensed Producers. There are Health Canada guidelines for quality requirements for medical marijuana. One of these is to follow requirements listed in Schedule B of the Food and Drug Act. The mechanical design and HVAC for medical marijuana facilities in Vancouver therefore must be for a critical environment for plants, and not a simple mechanical design typically associated with warehouses and light-industrial buildings.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has specific guidelines for plant growth environmental facilities. Medical Marijuana is grown in Controlled Environment Rooms (CERs), also called plant growth chambers, which have artificial light sources, and can provide control of temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide levels.

In addition, specific requirements of critical environment controls for medical marijuana facilities BC Comfort has encountered include:

1. Critical Design Temperature Range
2. Large Cooling Loads (from lighting)
3. Humidification/Dehumidification Requirements
4. High Level Filtration
5. UV Sanitation
6. BAS/DDC Controls
7. Back-up/Redundant Cooling

BC Comfort has a long history of designing and building critical environments including pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and larger server rooms. BC Comfort can provide a complete mechanical design-build solution for your facility as the first step in becoming a licensed producer. To learn more about BC Comfort’s services, call 604-439-3344 or visit the company’s website,

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