When DDC systems began to offer energy savings features like optimum stop/start and advanced scheduling, many operators thought that their buildings would be as efficient as they could be. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. While these systems can replace physical operators turning things on and off, there is a broken promise that exists in almost every installation.

DDC systems generate a lot of data. To realize the true value of DDC, a highly skilled operator would have to sit in front of a PC day in and day out analyzing trends, monitoring performance, checking sensor values, comparing them to output devices and rewriting the sequences to meet the changing dynamics of the building. This is simply cost prohibitive in virtually any building.

The reason this situation exists is that most DDC systems are installed via a new construction or retrofit project and were associated with a budgeted process. Thus contractors deliver what is expected of them, which generally resembles most other projects they have built.

As a building’s construction is unique, true analysis and performance information rarely gets collected and used to optimize the system that exists. In the operator’s defence, most have no idea the limitations of even the most feature rich DDC systems. This is one of the reasons the service of re-commissioning exists.

Some impressive advancements in analytic software have become reality in the last few years. So impressive in fact that they warrant serious and immediate consideration.


Building Analytics by Schneider Electric is a cloud-based software system that pulls in the millions of bytes of information your DDC system produces. It then analyzes this stream of information continuously and makes recommendations on how best to improve the building’s performance.

Building analytics can maximize your maintenance budget based on what the operator considers the most important focus of the building.

Whether it’s comfort, efficiency, critical mission or all of the above. In most cases, the payback can be surprising.

Building Analytics assigns meaningful, actionable information to millions of bytes of complex data quantifying costs of avoiding certain repairs or the benefits of taking action on others.

It’s like a highly skilled technician working 24/7 to make operators look good and building owners more profitable.

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