As the year draws to a close, we just wanted to remind you to keep on top of winter maintenance on your buildings.  In Vancouver, the winter heating season is a much bigger consumer of energy compared to the cooling season in the summer.  A well-maintained HVAC system can help you reduce your operating costs significantly.

Here are 5 recommendations we have for your building this winter:

  1. Inspect Heating Systems.  We recommend inspecting heating systems regularly.  This includes hot water heating boilers, furnaces, and roof top units.  Cracks in heat exchangers can leak dangerous carbon monoxide into the building.  A recent leak from a boiler sent 13 people to the hospital in Vancouver last month.
  2. Calibrate Thermostats.  Review the setpoints on your thermostats.  Ensure that unoccupied setpoints are properly set; this could save as much as 10% of your heating bill a month.  Also, you can lower your utility bill by an average of 1% for every degree dropped.
  3. Winterize Systems.  Cooling systems are often not used in the winter.  For example, cooling towers are often drained, and outdoor sinks and water features are often drained and have any remaining water in pipes blown out.
  4. Air Filters.  We recently replaced filters from a unit in a retail store.  The filters are both the same, the only difference is the one on the right is new.

    Clean air filters will increase your HVAC system’s efficiency and heating output. 
  5. Review your Maintenance plan.  Your HVAC system should be serviced at least twice a year to identify any potential issues that could compromise efficiency and safety.

From all of us at BC Comfort, Merry Christmas and have a warm and safe holiday season.