Continuing last month’s topic of “Best Practices for Planned Maintenance”, this month we will be talking about what not to include in a Planned Maintenance Agreement. BC Comfort has been selling and executing planned maintenance for all types of owners and equipment for over 40 years. Our time and experience in the industry has taught us what works best and what doesn’t in all types of situations and setups.
When these are costed into the agreement, the owner is paying for something they may not need to pay for. As long as good quality belts are used – such as Gates or Brownings – and the pulleys are in alignment and in good condition, belts should last more than a year. Even the fan belts in your vehicles will often last more than 10 years. So be sure to check whether the belt in your HVAC system needs replacing before your planned maintenance service.
Depending on where your HVAC unit is located, a condenser coil cleaning may need to be done annually, but some setups allow the condenser coil to operate efficiently for up to 5 years without cleaning. Familiarize yourself with your area, your HVAC unit and your HVAC setup in order to know when condenser coil cleaning is recommended.
Review your DDC Control Maintenance with your service technician carefully. As microprocessor-based devices, they do not require lubrication or alignment. Similar to your desktop computer at home, there are some tasks that should be performed on a regular basis depending on how the system is used, and how critical it is to the building. Database backups should be done regularly and check if software updates are required. New DDC controls are a great upgrade from the older pneumatic systems that require regular maintenance, recalibration and tuning to provide reliable temperature control and energy performance.

Do not ask a HVAC company to maintain or service your generators, elevators, etc. If you do, understand that the work will be sub-contracted out to a company that is more knowledgeable in that field. 
For more information on how to set up a planned maintenance schedule for your building, contact your BC Comfort representative.