BC Comfort will be speaking on February 13th at BUILDEX VANCOUVER: Predictive HVAC Maintenance – Before Your Building Breaks
This year’s topic is focused on trends in building maintenance. HVAC service is critical to the health of your building and with proper maintenance, your mechanical equipment will have enhanced performance, reliability and lifespan.  We will start by defining mechanical building maintenance, giving an overview of what you should look for in a service agreement and in a mechanical service contractor.

Next, we will define the 4 main types of maintenance:

  1. No Maintenance
  2. Reactive Maintenance
  3. Planned Maintenance
  4. Predictive Maintenance

We will give good and bad examples of each type of maintenance;  real-life examples of RTU fires and AHU explosions will be presented. Also, we will discuss current best practices and what you should look for.

Finally, we will go into detail about the future of maintenance:  Predictive Maintenance and Building Analytics.  We will demonstrate how Building Analytics is a powerful building automation tool to help reduce operating costs and system downtime.

The session will be held on February 13th from 1-2pm  in Room 209/209 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West at a cost of $50. Please sign up on the BUILDEX Vancouver website: https://www.buildexvancouver.com/

If you are an existing BC Comfort customer, please contact your project manager for your exclusive discount.