Green data centres and server rooms have specific environmental needs due to the sensitive equipment they house. Commercial HVAC systems are used to maintain the indoor climate of these facilities and provide precise environmental control. In green building design for this type of facility, designers must incorporate systems which will meet those requirements and offer efficient energy use. Commercial HVAC systems can account for over 50 percent of a facility’s energy use; as one of the main goals of a green data centre is to lower energy usage, selecting an efficient HVAC system is perhaps one of the most important duties of the designer.

Using an efficient commercial HVAC system to manage a green data centre’s cooling needs offers many benefits. The proper system will allow the facility to save on energy costs, which can lower operating expenses. Also, having a system which is effective and efficient in producing the needed amount of cooling protects the sensitive computer equipment in the facility and can prevent overheating. Doing so minimizes system downtime as well as protects the computer equipment from unnecessary damage. With less energy being expended through the facility’s commercial HVAC system, the carbon footprint of the data centre is further reduced; another goal of green building design for data centres.


Choosing a green building designer who specializes in green data centre design can help ensure the commercial HVAC system’s energy efficiency will be maximized and the specific environmental requirements of the facility will be met. In green building design for data centres, the temperature and humidity needs are considered throughout the design process, including in selecting the commercial HVAC systems which will be installed. In combination with the properties of the physical structure of the facility, the appropriate commercial HVAC system will provide the facility manager with the ability to control climate and environment efficiently and effortlessly.

The heat output of the equipment housed in green data centres and server rooms is fairly consistent all year long. Using a commercial HVAC system that is well-suited to tackle this output and work efficiently for the size of the facility is crucial for maximizing energy savings. Many smaller and mid-sized data centres and server rooms use direct expansion air conditioning to manage the facility’s cooling needs. Larger data centres obviously have a larger heating load to work against. Incorporating the appropriate type of cooling system will work to ensure that energy is used efficiently, and not wasted due to under or over-utilizing the equipment’s capacity.