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Having all your team members in place right from the start is the most effective way to achieve the goals necessary when planning your building.  Working together as a team, the design-build process is the fastest and most effective delivery method for construction, reducing the potential for design errors and the change orders that they cause.  In turn, this can greatly reduce costs.

BC Comfort is a leader in design-build projects, providing end-to-end responsibility, accountability and expertise that our clients rely on.  We offer design, engineering, supply, installation and warranty services, allowing our clients to work with a team they know and trust through all phases of their projects.

We have established sound procedures based on our knowledge and experience of design-build projects.  The needs of the client are carefully considered, and selection of systems is based on a number of factors, including budget, energy-efficiency requirements and sustainability goals.  Our staff will work together with the entire design-build team from design through construction and afterward, with the goal of delivering a building that we can be proud of.

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BC Comfort is a member of the Canadian Design Build Institute. For more information, visit:

For more information about Design Build delivery method, please refer to Design Build Institute of America’s website:

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The Design Build Process

Design Build Process by BC Comfort

Benefits of The Design Build Delivery Method

Benefits of The Design Build Delivery Method by BC Comfort Vancouver

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