No matter what type of facility is being built, there is a process to follow. You can rely on one company throughout the construction process, or coordinate multiple contractors for every step. Design build in Vancouver has some distinct differences from the traditional construction process of design, bid, and build, which many are familiar with. Design build contractors can make the construction process a great deal smoother- here’s how:
One responsible party

Design build contractors are responsible for every step of the process, alleviating stress for the owner. With traditional construction, there are many parties involved and the work of each must be coordinated: architects, multiple bidders, and contractors. With many parties working together towards project completion, conflicts can arise that can cause the owner to incur additional costs. Design build contractors manage all aspects of a build and become an owner’s single point of contact. If there are challenges during the building process, the design build contractor is responsible for resolution and works to provide efficient solutions which keep the project on schedule.


Smooth project flow & faster completion times
Owners who choose the design build process often benefit from faster project completion times. Coordinating designers, bidders, and chosen contractors between the various phases of a project in traditional construction management can be a challenge, which is often the cause of construction delays. Since the design build contractor functions as both the designer and the builder, there is no need to coordinate the work of multiple parties. Eliminating coordination and conflict between various steps of the building process can speed up construction and allow the contractor to complete work faster.

Reduced budget & scheduling challenges
When undergoing design build in Vancouver, project owners reduce the risk of budget challenges and surprises down the road. Design build contractors work to mitigate budget risks from the beginning, designing facilities to meet an owner’s needs as well as their budget. By assessing the building’s construction needs during the design phase, a design build contractor can provide owners with upfront costs to complete the project early on. All cost elements are known and taken into account to eliminate surprises. Costs may include permit needs, building costs, utility placement, and even landscaping needs.

Additionally, delays in the traditional construction process can be costly. In many cases, speeding up the construction process by eliminating delays can result in decreased costs and eliminate scheduling surprises. Coordinating parties in the traditional construction process can cause down time, costing the owner more money for each day work is not completed. Design build in Vancouver assesses the project timeline from the beginning stages, and contractors work diligently to stay on schedule.