Today’s client is looking for convenience and quality. One-stop for all needs offers convenience across all industries, including the construction industry. Building owners looking for a firm to meet all their needs in one place are frequently choosing design build contractors to complete their projects, from start to finish.

Hand of several discussing about the architect blueprint plan

The design build approach to construction projects is gaining popularity for just that reason. Choosing one design build contractor to complete every aspect of the project offers a great convenience and is more appealing to many building owners. The design build process really simplifies contact for the building owner, providing a single point of contact for all concerns relating to the construction process. In today’s busy world, most building clients simply don’t have the time to be chasing down multiple contacts and waiting days to get the answers to their questions.

Design build is not a new idea. This project delivery method has been in play for many years. In fact, the design build method of project delivery has seen a tremendous rise in popularity over the last decade. In North America, design build construction projects have more than doubled in volume over the last six years. With a common lifestyle trend moving towards convenience, it is easy to see why this convenience is also being sought in the building process.

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Many design build contractors are finding that the total package aspect of design build project delivery is attracting many new clients. With this approach, the design build contractor takes the reins of the project, coordinating with the architect and all parties involved in the project’s construction. When using the traditional design-bid-build method of project delivery, the client is responsible to coordinate with all parties and to solicit bids, which can be very time consuming before ground is even broken.

Besides simplified contact, choosing a design build contractor does have additional advantages for the client.

  • Faster completion times- Design build offers the advantage of being able to complete projects quicker than design-bid-build projects. Typically, the project can be moved along early on in the process. For instance, the site can be prepared while design work is being completed.
  • Budget control- With one firm on the job, your budget can be at the forefront of design. This works to ensure surprises don’t come up in the construction phase, and clients have a clear picture of the final construction costs early on.
  • Collaboration between architect and builder- By working together, the design process is streamlined and reduces the need for redesign during the construction phase.