There are many misconceptions of green buildings in Vancouver. The lack of knowledge or preconceived notions about the technology they employ can cause many to be skeptical about whether or not going green is a smart building choice. Some myths surround the world of green building design which prevent property owners and facilities managers from getting the real facts about green buildings and their benefits. Below, we’ve dispelled some of the common green building myths that are out there.

The first myth about green buildings in Vancouver is that green technologies are expensive. Just because it is green doesn’t mean it’s expensive. It’s true that some green technologies cost more than conventional alternatives, but that is due to improved quality and the enhanced benefits they offer. In energy savings and improved efficiency, green buildings in Vancouver can typically recoup their investment in these technologies after a few short years.

Green business building

Green business building

Another myth about green buildings in Vancouver is that existing buildings can’t become green. This is simply not true- who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? While retrofits were once often cost-prohibitive for some facilities, new technologies and installation methods are now available. Existing buildings can utilize new technologies as well as create new energy management initiatives to improve overall energy efficiency in their journey towards becoming a green building in Vancouver.

Yet another myth about green buildings in Vancouver that you might have heard is that green buildings are not attractive. Green building design in Vancouver utilizes different design aspects versus traditional building design which may alter the physical appearance of the building, but often times, a green building looks just like its neighboring facilities. Not every green building is designed with a rooftop garden or other features that are more obvious. Green building designers in Vancouver create modern, attractive green buildings every day.


One last major myth about green buildings in Vancouver is that green technologies and building elements are all it takes to make a building “green”. While these are key elements, one important element of a green building is missing: an energy management program. An energy management program is essential to promoting a culture of energy efficiency among building occupants. The equipment can only do so much- there is a human element that is also necessary to maximize a building’s energy saving power.


Don’t believe everything you read or hear about green buildings in Vancouver. As with most any subject, there are many myths floating around that can skew one’s opinions. For the facts about green buildings in Vancouver, it’s best to speak with an expert to ensure you’re receiving accurate information.