Design-build construction projects are those in which a single contractor works exclusively on one contract. The advantage is that design build projects establish a single source of responsibility for a particular development. The project owner and the design build team, work closely with one another to build or design a structure in a coordinated manner.

As a result, accountability for and the quality of work performed can be much higher. Our BC Comfort design build team in Vancouver, works closely with construction, contractors and architects to bring a project vision to life.

Meanwhile, design build projects are known for their efficient use of resources and as well as recycled materials. The effective use of resources amounts to cost savings during the construction of your building that can be beneficial for as long as the structure exists.

A healthier environment are also typical bi-products of applying design build practices, including:

  • Indoor Air Quality improvements
  • Passive building design to improve the comfort of the interior environment
  • Water efficiency is maximized
  • Mechanical systems are optimized
  • There can be a significant decrease in greenhouse gas emissions

Increased Profit Margins

One of the most noticeable benefits of design build constructions are increased profit margins that can be achieved. Administrative costs are greatly reduced by maintaining a direct relationship with your design build contractor. Builders are able to map out their plan and have the project implemented more efficiently. This process allows builders to recoup money that would have otherwise been spent on communications wait time.

Buildings are Constructed in Less Time 

Project delivery is streamlined with design build. Contract exclusivity may seem like a simple difference between contractors. However, a design build agreement creates an alliance between builders and designers to get a particular job project done right the first time.

BC Comfort’s design build team establishes a singular goal, to deliver projects as efficiently and cost effectively as possible for the client. Design build constructions serve the best interest of everyone involved. Perhaps most important, efficient building practices and resource allocations serve the needs of our environment.