Investing in energy efficient building design offers great benefits for building owners and occupants. With energy efficient building design gaining exposure and popularity, more and more business owners are seeing it as a positive investment for their businesses. Not only do these measures offer a way for businesses to positively benefit the environment, they have very real benefits for the businesses’ bottom lines.

Energy efficient building design has been seen as an excellent means to improving productivity in past years. The measures employed increase process productivity as well as the productivity of employees. While investing in productivity improvements played a role in the promotion of energy efficient building design, the benefits to corporate investment strategies are also being made apparent. By improving energy efficiency within the building portfolio, companies can gain protection against energy price raises, and this investment also offers high rates of return.

green roof on urban building

green roof on urban building

Energy efficient building design options have greatly improved, thanks to new technologies entering the market and advancements in current processes. These improvements have also improved the price of implementation, making energy efficient building design a cost-effective choice for businesses everywhere. Efficiency technology and building methods used in today’s sustainable buildings is equal to or only slightly more costly than conventional technology and building methods. The difference is that conventional alternatives don’t produce the energy savings and other benefits for the building.

Safeguarding against utility increases is especially important for business owners to consider. Companies worldwide pay more than double for energy now than they did ten years ago. For business owners who have seen operational costs rising during this time, the importance of energy efficient building design should be more apparent than ever. What’s even more worrisome is that energy prices are predicted to nearly triple over the next two decades!

Energy efficient building design doesn’t just help to grow the businesses who utilize these design measures. New energy efficient technologies as well as the building policies which encourage implementation create a large market for building contractors in Vancouver as well as design and engineering services. By investing in energy efficient building design, businesses are creating new jobs in supporting industries which benefits the economy as well.

Unfortunately, many building owners still are not aware of the need for energy efficient building design or the opportunities it presents. Energy usage accounts for a major portion of total business costs, and energy efficient building design can provide a means to drastically lower those costs. By improving processes and facilities themselves, businesses stand to gain a great return for the efficiency investments they will make.