At BC Comfort Air Conditioning Limited, we understand the challenges that arise on a daily basis with industrial and commercial building maintenance. To maintain your HVAC equipment and keep it operating at peak efficiency, establishing a planned maintenance program for your building is the optimal choice.

Worker testing a roof top air exchange units operation. ** Note: Shallow depth of field

Worker testing a roof top air exchange units operation.
** Note: Shallow depth of field

A planned HVAC maintenance program will help you reduce the cost of operating and maintaining your HVAC systems. A well maintained system lasts longer, reduces energy costs and improves the system’s reliability when you need it most.

The benefits from a well-designed and implemented planned maintenance program:

  • Energy and Operational Savings
  • Extended Equipment Life
  • Improved System Reliability
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Avoid Unnecessary Repairs –  Unexpected Costs
  • Regulated Maintenance Budget

In addition, our HVAC Planned Maintenance program features:

  • A Single Source of Responsibility for all Maintenance
  • Anticipated Fixed Service & Repair Costs
  • Avoid the Costs & Risks of Changing Maintenance Service Providers
  • Increased Awareness – Receive Reports on the Condition of your Equipment
  • Recommendations for Suggested Changes and Equipment Upgrades

It is our goal to help you control your overall maintenance costs through the right combination of diagnostic and maintenance services. Our HVAC Planned Maintenance services are designed to keep your system running safely and efficiently all the while ensuring the best comfort for your building’s occupants.

Take control of your commercial building maintenance challenges with a Planned Maintenance Program today. To learn more about how BC Comfort can customize a Planned Maintenance Program for your building’s HVAC system, we invite you to contact our Services Team today.