Over a short period of time, we were asked by several customers what our plans were to reduce our carbon footprint. At that time our response had to be, we didn’t have a plan.

Our business in Kelowna also were asked this and they did some research and found an organization called CLIMATE SMART which could provide assistance to us.
Climate Smart is an organization that helps businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprint while cutting costs.

For a modest fee we enrolled in the process and started to understand our emission sources. A detailed inventory of our greenhouse gas emissions was developed with their assistance using their online software tool.

The graph below shows our inventory of emissions and their sources:

Figure 1: Total Emissions for BC Comfort Air Conditioning Operations by Scope
(Tonnes of CO2)


Figure 2: Total Emissions for BC Comfort Air Conditioning,  Breakdown by Type
(Tonnes of CO2)


Once we had an understanding of our sources we worked on developing action plans to reduce them.

The 2012 calendar year marked the measurement and creation of our first emissions inventory.

Our list of carbon reduction strategies include:

  • Fleet replacement and driver training
  • Performing a lighting audit
  • Implementing measures to reduce energy use in our offices
  • Exploring warehouse retrofit options
  • Implementing a comprehensive company recycling plan
  • Minimizing paper use through e-billing, double-sided printing and paperless document management

Over the next year we are implementing our reduction actions and we will report our progress.

The management of BC Comfort encourages all of you to engage in the process and become a “CLIMATE SMART BUSINESS