With the current green building boom has come a new focus on finding the best method for delivering sustainable buildings. Because of the unique demands that accompany LEED certification, those who rely on the old design-bid-build system often find themselves saddled with higher costs and buildings that fail to live up to sustainability goals. The design-build project delivery system, in which the design and construction of a building are contracted to the same team, provides a way for owners to avoid these problems and add value to their building projects.

Design Build Helps Owners Meet Green Standards


Many owners who enter the design phase of a traditional building project with plans to meet certain LEED standards may find that the building ultimately falls short due to budget and time constraints. However, when an owner chooses to use the design-build method, he is able to avoid many of these issues. Bids can be accepted from design-builders that incorporate the level of LEED certification asked for by the owner, and confusion about the implementation of green strategies is avoided when directions come from a central source instead of working their way from designers to contractors. In addition, the integrated nature of the design and construction phases reduces the need for unexpected and expensive project revisions that may impact the ability of a building to attain LEED certification.

Design Build Improves Constructability


Constructability—the ability of a project to move efficiently from design to construction—is greatly improved when owners choose the design-build project delivery system. Obviously, constructability is an issue with any building project, but it is especially important for builders looking for LEED certification, since any changes that need to be made in the construction phase of a project may impact LEED certification. With design-build, contractors can consult on issues such as selection of materials, detailing, and pricing early in the design phase in order to sidestep potential problems down the road. Ultimately, this focus on constructability helps owners avoid the delays and increased costs that can be associated with green building projects.


Design Build Cuts Costs


Improving constructability isn’t the only way design-builders can help decrease the costs of obtaining LEED certification. The streamlined and integrated design-build team can lower overall costs by cutting redundancies and inefficiencies in design and construction while also smoothing the transition between project phases.  In addition, the design-build team will be able to incorporate both construction and operating costs in their bid, allowing owners to choose green strategies that combine minimum up-front costs with lower future operating expenses.

Increased cost is a major concern for building owners looking to go green, and the design-build project delivery system offers a way for owners to add value to their LEED projects. By integrating all the phases of the design and construction process, the design-build team is able to decrease the time and cost of obtaining LEED certification.


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