Advancements in technology are creating new, energy efficient systems that are great options for commercial air conditioning in Vancouver. New technologies provide better alternatives over older, inefficient systems, and can help commercial facilities reduce energy costs. Retrofits are possible to allow facilities to take advantage of newer technologies and enhance older existing systems.

A row of air conditioning units on a rooftop.

A row of air conditioning units on a rooftop.

Older commercial HVAC systems are often the root of a facility’s excess energy use. For one thing, older systems simply don’t have the power that newer systems do because of the advancements in technology that have been made. Another element of their excessive power use is the fact that commercial air conditioning systems in Vancouver lose efficiency over time. Over the years a system is in use, efficiency decreases due to a number of factors. These factors may include:

  • Wear and tear to the system which occurs through normal, everyday usage.
  • Neglected maintenance, which should be performed to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Improving the efficiency of existing commercial HVAC systems can be done. Inefficient systems don’t always require replacement. New products may be available to boost efficiency without replacing existing systems.


Facilities today don’t need to settle for higher energy expenses due to inefficient commercial HVAC systems. Facilities may benefit from retrofitting the existing system with new technologies which can improve the system’s overall performance. Such technologies make it possible to avoid expensive system replacement costs while providing a method for better managing a facility’s commercial HVAC energy use.

One such technology which is now available to BC Comfort’s clients is the CATALYST by Transformative Wave. BC Comfort has recently partnered with Transformative Wave as a certified installer and reseller, serving facilities in the Vancouver area. The CATALYST is a retrofit solution for inefficient rooftop HVAC units. This new technology improves the performance of HVAC systems that maintain constant volumes and makes it possible for commercial buildings to significantly reduce commercial HVAC energy use. By improving the performance of the building’s commercial HVAC systems, the CATALYST offers typical HVAC energy savings of 25 to 40 percent.

CATALYST-detcThe CATALYST is already being applied to improve energy efficiency in facilities around Vancouver. Recently, we installed multiple CATALYST systems at the Richmond Centre shopping mall. The installation was done in conjunction with BC Hydro Power Smart, and has been forecasted to generate potential energy savings of 30 percent for the Richmond Centre shopping mall.