As the seasons change, your staff and customers have a whole new set of conditions to deal with. Your routine that keeps everyone comfortable in the summer isn’t ideal for the winter months. This fall, take the steps to prepare your commercial building for winter for the comfort and safety of all.


Commercial HVAC Systems

Your building’s commercial HVAC systems require seasonal care to ensure effective and efficient operation. Heating systems which have sat dormant all summer should be evaluated and maintained in order to prepare them to tackle your building’s heating needs all winter long. Schedule seasonal maintenance with your trusted commercial HVAC services provider now to ensure your equipment is ready and capable when needed.

If your building uses programmable thermostats or other building controls for temperature management, they may require adjustment. The schedules which are used in the summer to control the air conditioning will need changing, as your building will have different temperature requirements for your heating systems. When adjusting programmed settings for the heating season, choose temperature set points which will help maximize your commercial HVAC system’s efficiency. If staff members have access to office thermostats, remind them about the importance of using programmed settings as opposed to overrides; get your team on the same page to achieve a higher level of energy efficiency.



Many green buildings utilize natural sunlight as much as possible, but the winter season can make this difficult. Daylight hours are reduced during the winter months. It may be dark when staff and customers begin to arrive, and start getting dark outside when the building is still in use. In commercial buildings where lighting timers and other controls are used, these schedules will likely need some adjustment to account for the lack of natural lighting.


Building Grounds

Winter conditions bring about a new set of safety issues for your building’s grounds. Ice and snow accumulation can make your parking lots and walkways dangerous and difficult to access. To avoid injury to your staff or customers, plan ahead for taking care of these winter weather issues. If you’ll be using a service company for snow removal, make sure your contracts are in order before winter weather hits to ensure your grounds will be taken care of this winter. If your facilities maintenance staff will be responsible for clearing parking lots and sidewalks, make sure to stock up on the needed supplies and check all the equipment which will be used for snow removal to ensure it is all in good working order.