Previously, we shared some of the advantages of using condensing gas boilers. With new rebates available, there’s never been a better time to consider switching. 

It’s no surprise why traditional commercial boilers are quickly being replaced. They have much lower fuel and running costs than conventional boilers, including an efficiency rate of over 90% (up to 98% in some cases at optimum water temperature areas).

Condensing gas boilers use excess energy to their advantage. They feature additional advanced heat exchanger designs and materials that extract more heat from the flue gases before they are exhausted.

With rebates now available, it may be time to replace your older equipment with an upgraded condensing gas boiler or commercial water heater. By switching to a more efficient design, there’s an opportunity to save significantly, both in upfront and ongoing costs.

Incentives of up to $45,000 from FortisBC are available for eligible boilers. 
Both the selection and installation a new boiler is not a simple task, however the process can be quick and easy, with the help of BC Comfort’s Service Experts.
To find out more about installation and the rebates available for both boilers and commercial water heaters, contact us and speak to one of our Service Experts today.