Whether you’re upgrading to a new system or simply require repairs or maintenance for existing commercial HVAC equipment, choosing a contractor is an important decision for any business. There are various factors you should consider when evaluating contractors, and price isn’t the only point to keep in mind. Selecting the right commercial HVAC contractor for the job can really make a difference.

When choosing a commercial HVAC contractor, you need a good fit for your building. This means you should look for a company with specific experience serving the needs of your industry, not just general experience. Food processing plants, medical facilities, green data centres- these different types of facilities have very different HVAC needs. Choosing a commercial HVAC contractor who has experience working in your type of facility can reduce your risk.

  • Ask the contractors you’re evaluating if they are familiar with the HVAC needs of your industry.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for examples or references from other similar facilities they’ve worked for.


Your reputation says a lot about your business- the same goes for commercial HVAC contractors. When looking for a company to work on your heating and air conditioning in Vancouver, find out what others have to say about them. If you have a trusted contractor already, that’s great- if not, one’s reputation can really speak for itself.

  • Do your research online to investigate what others are saying about a contractor’s work and professionalism.
  • Ask for recommendations from your own contacts-typically, people don’t refer contractors who do a poor job.

Look for a commercial HVAC contractor who is accredited by or a member of reputable industry organizations. Just like in your industry, accreditations aren’t handed out to just anyone. Accredited commercial HVAC contractors and members have the backing of well-known and respected organizations, which can provide the added confidence clients need.

  • Search online to learn more about organizations which offer accreditation for commercial HVAC contractors. Contractors may also list membership information on their business’s website.
  • Organizations your business is a member of may also offer resources which can guide you when choosing a commercial HVAC contractor, so take advantage of these benefits.
  • For example, BC Comfort is a member of the Mechanical Contractors’ Association, an industry organization serving mechanical contractors and suppliers.

Choosing the right commercial HVAC contractor can certainly save you a great deal of time and even a few headaches. A contractor with specific knowledge of your industry with the reputation to back up their skills is likely to provide you with professional, dependable work no matter what your commercial HVAC needs are. Investigating contractors and doing your research before choosing a contractor can help you avoid on-the-job issues down the road.