Construction projects often end up full of extras: extra time, extra costs, and extra frustrations. in this article, you’ll learn how integrating design and construction more closely, you can create a much more efficient build process.


With traditional construction, designers first create preliminary drawings, then the actual construction drawings, and then contractors begin construction. During construction, the owner typically becomes the middleman, having to resolve disputes that can arise between the designer and the contractors. Communication can break down, with designers and contractors blaming one another for cost overruns and project problems.

With the design-build method of construction, the system is streamlined from start-to-finish, allowing projects to be completed much more quickly and efficiently. Communication takes place through one point of contact, allowing you to better understand the process and retain control over the project.

The design and construction goes on simultaneously, creating a much more integrated and streamlined process. This means that construction starts sooner, helping your project move towards an earlier completion date.


Fewer Communication Problems and Delays

With designers and contractors responsible for working together on the project, there are far less problems with communication and contractors interpreting designs.

The designer and contractors work closely to avoid any problems in turning the designs into a well constructed building. Because there is no breakdown in communication, this avoids a multitude of problems and construction delays.


Better Budgeting and Cost Control

Another key benefit of using the design-build method is overall cost. Building owners work closely with the design team to establish the project costs upfront so you know the maximum cost early on, and fewer change orders occur as a result, which minimises your financial risk.

Having the right construction partner makes a significant difference in how streamlined your project is, no matter which approach you choose. To learn more about our design and construction services,contact us today.