1. Comfort

  • Using the relatively stable temperature of the earth as an energy source assures constant even heating in winter and better humidity control in summer.
  • The heat cycle moves slower and more consistently, avoiding blasts of hot or cold air.

2. Cost Efficiency

  • The higher initial cost of a Geoexchange system is offset by the low costs for maintenance and operation of the Geoexchange System.
  • A Geoexchange system can provide annual savings of 65% over natural gas, 75% over fuel oil and 80% over propane.

3. Environmentally Friendly

  • A typical residential Geoexchange system installed in a small home protects the environment by reducing carbon emission equivalent to taking two vehicles off the road or planting 1.2 acres of trees.
  • Because no heat is created by burning fossil fuels, toxic emissions to the atmosphere are reduced.

4. Safety

  • There are no burners or pilot lights to worry about, no nasty odors or dangerous fumes.
  • Since there is no on site combustion, there is little chance of fire and no chance of carbon monoxide spillage.

5. Avoid rising Fuel Costs

  • You can eliminate the worry of rising prices of natural gas or oil.
  • A Geoexchange system is not dependant on fossil fuels because it does not create heat by burning f 

    uel like conventional systems.

6. Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Once installed, the below ground system is virtually maintenance free.
  • The components above ground are easily accessible and require minimal maintenance, much less than other heating and cooling systems.

7. Flexibility of Design

  • Geoexhange can provide any combination of radiant floor heating, forced air heating, air conditioning or domestic hot water production, all from the same unit.
  • Options such as snow melting or pool heating can be easily integrated.

8. Domestic hot Water Production

  • Geoexchange can provide Heat for domestic hot water year round.
  • In the summer excess heat from the home can be transferred to a hot water storage tank, providing essentially free hot water.

9. Efficient System operation

  • Because Geothermal Heat pumps move heat, not create heat, an efficiency of 300-400% can be achieved.

10. Quiet Operation

  • Geoexchange systems are quiet and discrete, virtually silent, unlike conventional heating and air conditioning systems.
  • There is no noisy condensing unit outside (only the ground).