With energy costs increasing, building owners are looking new ways to reduce energy consumption and maximise their equipment performance in 2016.

Today, 15 Billion devices are connected to the internet, now referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).  

It’s estimated that by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, most of which will be essential to business operations.



Introducing a New Way to Manage Your Building 

BC Comfort is pleased to introduce an innovative new way to effectively monitor your building’s performance using a cloud-based data logging system.

BC Comfort Group has partnered with 38 Zeros, makers of a new cloud-connected data logging service that utilises cellular technology to lower remote monitoring costs by up to 90% while delivering complete “air-gapped” network security that eliminates any possibility of online threats.


The 38 Zeros CloudLogger is secure, and remotely monitors your equipment through a cellular connection without requiring any connectivity to your network.  Data is delivered to 38 Zeros’ cloud service where the data can either be downloaded in .csv spreadsheet format, or pushed to any cloud dashboard.



The 38 Zeros CloudLogger™ is able to connect to virtually any meter or building equipment including utility meters, temperature sensors, gas meters, water meters, boilers, chillers, HVAC systems, compressed air systems, rooftop units and more.

Unlock Greater Energy Savings

BC Comfort sees this as a great opportunity to better serve our customers with by having real-time remote visibility into your equipment systems.

Because all data configuration is all handled in the cloud, CloudLogger hardware can be installed in a fraction of the time required for traditional data logging installations.

If you are interested in learning more, BC Comfort offers a no-strings attached web demo to demonstrate how the system works and how it could benefit your business.

To learn more about how you can save more energy and money with a shorter ROI timeline, contact our Service team today.