Value By Design

New Construction

Designing a building from the ground up is a great opportunity to incorporate systems that are cost-effective and sustainable.  BC Comfort brings 40 years of experience working with mechanical building systems to any project, and can help you find the system that strikes the right balance between cost, sustainability concerns and comfort for your tenants.

Using cutting-edge drawing software, we will work with you and your consultants to reach a design that meets the goals of everyone involved.  Working collaboratively with honest and constant flow of communication between all team members from the onset means fewer change orders during construction, saving you time and money.

After construction is completed, the work doesn’t end.  Our service experts will produce customized operation and maintenance manuals for your building, and help you design maintenance procedures that will last until the building systems reach the end of their lifecycle.


Sustainable Building Design Vancouver


There are a number of issues to address when looking at retrofitting the systems of an existing building.  BC Comfort’s expertise in retrofitting work can help you decide on the most applicable equipment to suit your needs. A number of factors are considered when retrofitting equipment is necessary.  These include:


  • Is the existing control system meeting current building requirements?
  • How much longer will the building exist in its current capacity?
  • Can the existing equipment be simply modified, or will it need to be replaced?

If it is determined that the existing equipment must be replaced, then there are a number of questions that the staff at BC Comfort immediately address:

  • What energy source will be used?
  • Will space allow for servicing the new equipment in the future?
  • How will the new equipment be installed?  Can it be done with minimal disruption to tenants?

Ever mindful of cost, BC Comfort will investigate possible avenues for financing, and for affordable green technologies that can be used to keep costs down and to complement your company’s green strategy. Contact us to find out how we can help build the future of your building.