In today’s green data centres, many processes and ideas are put into place in order to maximize energy efficiency and cut operating costs. Expert planning, collaborative problem solving, and improving processes are a few of the methods green data centres use to improve efficiency. In order to create a truly sustainable data centre operation, consider how the following practices can be integrated at your new or existing facility.


Think Holistically to Improve Efficiency


Green data centres employ many bright minds- capitalize on the assets you already have and look for new ways to improve efficiency through collaboration. Don’t keep departments apart, but encourage them to work together in order to come up with new sustainable solutions. For example, collaboration between the facilities and IT departments can ensure that important players work together and consider the whole picture when making data centre improvements.

Consider Cooling

A row of air conditioning units on a rooftop.

A row of air conditioning units on a rooftop.

Commercial air conditioning is a major concern for green data centres, as cooling is essential to the operation and preservation of the equipment housed in these facilities. Be smart about your green data centre’s cooling needs- temperatures don’t have to be kept near freezing to preserve crucial equipment. Instead, investigate smarter cooling settings which protect your IT equipment and help your facility cut cooling costs.

Go beyond traditional liquid cooling methods and look for sustainable ways to provide for your facility’s commercial air conditioning needs. Using outside air to cool your equipment may be a viable and valuable option for your green data centre. Economizers can also help keep your facility at the right temperature while reducing cooling costs.

Employ Effective Design

The design of your green data centre plays a large role in its efficiency and sustainability.


When planning to build a new facility, consult an expert in green data centre design. By consulting with a green data centre designer for your new build or expansion, you may be presented with sustainable options which weren’t previously considered. These professionals can provide many benefits to your green data centre, from improving the building and design process to integrating products which will enhance the efficiency of your operations.

Many issues which contribute to inefficiency and higher energy costs can be eliminated at the design and planning stages. For instance, building a facility that is too large contributes to more energy waste when operations are underway- your facility will be using more energy to power unused spaces. Smart data centre design can help you create an efficient facility from day one, and provide options for sustainable expansion when the time comes.