For every new building project, there are hundreds of important decisions to be made. Perhaps one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is which building process to choose. Every project is unique, and you’ll want to choose the type of contractor and building process which can best suit your needs.


You want to be involved in the process

Design build in Vancouver provides more opportunities for owner involvement compared to traditional design bid build processes. Design build contractors are the single accountable party involved in the construction of your project, and the sole point of contact. Eliminating multiple parties and contacts makes it easy for building owners and project managers to know who to call for information. Design build contractors consider that the client wants to be involved in the process, rather than a bystander- open communication creates a great partnership between owner and design build contractor.

You want to complete the project quicker

Time and time again, design build in Vancouver has resulted in faster construction times. Why? Choosing a design build contractor for your project cuts out an extremely time consuming phase of the construction process: bidding. The bidding process is a tight schedule’s worst nightmare. Between creating bid documents, obtaining bids from multiple contractors, and evaluating the bids received, a huge chunk of time is consumed- and the actual construction hasn’t even started!

Once you choose a bidding contractor, scheduling challenges are still a real issue. It takes time to coordinate construction schedules around the availability of a bidding contractor. With a design build contractor on the job, projects can transition smoothly from the design phase to actual construction. Plus, if redesign needs arise, time isn’t wasted obtaining new bids. The design build team works together to manage any issues and get back to work.

You want to minimize budget surprises

Design build in Vancouver is different from traditional design bid build because your budget is a priority from day one. A design build contractor designs your facility to meet your budget- labor methods and the cost of materials are factored into the design when the designer and builder work together. When communication between designer and contractor is absent, costly issues can arise, such as Mark building cannot be constructed for your budget, or you may find that design elements cannot be completed during the building phase. With communication and collaboration during the planning stages, design build contractors can eliminate these risks early on to make sure your project can be completed for the stated budget.